“Only eat organic,” she said.

eat organic

Can we only eat organic?

Organic, natural, pure…. Processed, refined and synthetic. These words are thrown around regularly in today’s world. We know that we are surrounded by harmful chemicals in our everyday lives. We can’t see them but we’re aware that they’re in everything from plastic shopping bags, to packaging and fragrances. They are also sprayed on our food as pesticides. Admittedly, it’s scary when you think about it.

So, everyone knows of someone who manages to only buy and eat organic food, use only natural shampoo and wear only natural fibres, right? As much as many of us may have the same intentions, in reality it’s difficult and expensive to upkeep this kind of lifestyle. We can’t all shop at the Organic Markets on a Sunday, and stop at the health food shop to buy our shampoo and conditioner (which I’m sure the kids just pour down the drain). So what do we do?

Years ago, a friend of mine and I were chatting at a barbeque. She lit up a cigarette, took a big drag and looked at me seriously. “You should only eat organic, you know…too many chemicals in the other stuff,” she said huskily as she blew the smoke out the side of her mouth. I remember having a bit of a giggle inside as I realised the irony of the moment. Weren’t there more chemicals in cigarette smoke? So, I’m; embarrassed to say that, at the time, I silently judged her for it.  Yes, we all know smoking is bad for you but she wasn’t pretending she was perfect. She was talking about something that she believed in and, being a healthy choice, no doubt made her feel better. So really, it was positive thing for her wellbeing.

Years later this memory popped into my head when I ran into the same friend (and yes, she is no longer a smoker). Did that one choice of eating organic and making a healthy choice, eventually help her to kick the habit? I don’t know but it did make me think. Instead of taking it all on in one hit, and trying to embrace the entire organic, natural lifestyle, maybe we should just add bits and pieces where we can. This means less pressure and ends up being more achievable. Maybe we just start with making sure we actually take our material shopping bags to the shop and not leave them in the boot. Maybe we decide to use only naturally fragranced candles or diffusers? Could we grow our own herbs or replace our chemical cleaning products with natural cleaning products?  Or, we could start buying our honey from a local producer and purchase our cheese cut to size and wrapped in paper.  There are so many things we could do and little changes go a long way. Let’s be happy for the good choices we make and not beat ourselves up if we aren’t yet living the life of an natural, home cooking, organic goddess.


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