The best Manuka honey… which one?

Looking for the best Manuka honey to buy?

What makes a certain brand the best Manuka honey?  How do we know what to look for? What is active Manuka honey?

Most of us love, or at least like, honey, the sweet, golden nectar manufactured by our bee friends. However, not all of us know the health benefits of honey, especially the highly acclaimed Manuka.  

For thousands of years the indigenous people of New Zealand used the leaves to make a medicinal drink to reduce fever symptoms.  They also used the oil from the crushed leaves as a natural antiseptic for wounds.  It was in the late 1800’s that researches discovered the healing properties of the honey.

What is Manuka Honey good for you

Today, many of us are regularly using active Manuka honey. Here are just a few of its more well known benefits:

  • When taken straight off the spoon it is a great way to soothe and promote healing of a sore throat.
  • It is effective in aiding digestion and decreasing acid reflux.
  • It is great for reducing acne. Most people simply apply a little to the affected area, leave for a while and then rinse off.  Repeating this daily has shown positive results.
  • Because of its rich anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics, Manuka honey is a prominent treatment for wounds, ulcers and burns.
  • Manuka honey is high in calcium, zinc, and phosphorus which are all important nutrients for dental health.  Not only good for our teeth but also a great defence against gingivitis and gum disease
  • Manuka Honey also helps to promote restful sleep. It slowly releases,glycogen which is needed for essential bodily functions during sleep. Adding honey to milk at bedtime helps the body release melatonin into the brain which is necessary for deep sleep

So what is UMF?

UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor and is the globally recognised standard for identifying and measuring the strength of the Manuka honey.

Here are the general uses for each of the UMF labels:

0-4     Non-therapeutic

4-9     Maintenance level with general honey health benefits

10-14 Supports natural healing and bacterial balance

15+    Superior levels of phenols that are highly therapeutic but one shouldn’t exceed taking 1 tbsp at a time

So even if you don’t need it right now for that scratchy throat or indigestion, it may very well be a good idea to drizzle some on your breakfast cereal or enjoy a teaspoon in a cup of tea or warm milk at night. There’s a reason why this golden nectar of the bees has been relied on for thousands of years!



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