Pure beeswax candles, coconut skin care and more…

Here, at Bee Natural Store, we LOVE the products we sell. Our beeswax candles, created from 100% pure Australian beeswax, are the best quality in the world. Nothing is added to our candles, they are just pure beeswax with a cotton wick. Pure beeswax candles are healthy candles that also clean the air as they flicker away. Being free of both synthetic fragrances and added waxes, our candles are the perfect option for everyone, including babies and allergy sufferers. Did we mention that they offer the most golden flame of any wax candle? 

All of our products, from our beeswax wraps to handmade soap and coconut skin care, are made right here in Australia.  We are based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and have  great working partnerships with our suppliers that allow us to these provide fantastic Australian made, sustainable products to you.

In today’s busy world there is an emphasis on making time for our health and well-being. Most of us would also agree that the well-being of our planet is of utmost importance. Thankfully today, awareness is growing and more of us are trying to do our bit. Even a small swap to a natural option here and there can make a difference … check out our range today.

At least once a season we run a promotion on one of our products. (see below for our latest promotion on our pure beeswax candles) as a way to thank our customers for their continued loyalty.  In this uncertain time of COVID19  we acknowledge that our delivery times may vary slightly.  We consider our exceptional customer support to be our greatest strength and will continue to inform our clients ASAP of any changes that may arise. Thank you for your ongoing support. Stay well. 

Autumn is here and soon we’ll be cosying up our spaces as the weather starts to cool down. What better way to create the feeling of comfy warmth than with some pure beeswax candles. Enjoy a free gift from us with every candle order over $60 (excl. delivery) Offer available until 31 May or until stocks last.

Australian Beeswax Tea light